John S. Locke is now resident DJ and host for our parties and events in The Dry Barge.

An very experienced and well known DJ and promoter around the North West, the rest of the UK and Internationally for companies such as MTV Europe after show parties, as well as performing at clubs, bars and private parties for the rich and famous everywhere.

We asked him about his music and ideas for a party…’What do I play?” he says, umming and erring a little. “Mmm… Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Just cool party music, really’.

‘A cross-section of sounds with a wink to Mr Scruff and Ibizan legend Alfredo, but without the DJ dexterity! … I play classic disco, a lot of R& B and funk, a fair bit of old and new house music and a lot of pop from back in the day and now!’

To say that John Locke is a veteran of the DJ scene is to understate his experience. A long-time fixture on the North West club scene, he has DJ-ed at Cream, Home, Homelands, MTV parties and Cannes Film Festival, as well as various destinations all over Europe.

His approach to playing records is entirely bereft of pretension, focusing more on fun than white labels.

“I started playing records out professionally in and about 1984,” he says, ‘The Dry Barge is a great venue to play!… Let me know your set list for your event, amd I’ll make sure I play as many of your favourites as possible!’

John was once quoted by the Ibizan legendary DJ Alfredo, as being ‘The crown prince of Balearica,” John smiles at this in a typically demure fashion but with a glint in his eye. It’s quite the compliment and goes some way to explain how impressive John’s DJ sets can be.

Given all this experience on the decks of Europe then, John, what’s the key to making a successful night?

“All the best DJs play records for the ladies,” comes the reply. “If you play music to get the girls on to the dance floor, then the men will follow. Basically, I’d much rather have a club or party full of women dancing than a bunch of fellas!’

And on that fine note, we’ll leave it there.

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